Table of Contents

Frugal Gardening 101 is a 50 page ebook chock full of information to get you started to growing a home garden frugally and organically!

Below you will find the full table of contents to give you an idea of what is included.

Why Should I Garden?
Cost of Home Gardening
Starting Your Home Garden
          Where to Purchase Seeds
          Why Non-GMO Seeds?
Keeping a Gardening Journal
Starting Your Seeds
          When to Plant
          Seed Starting Cups
          Choosing a Seed Starting Mix
Planting your Seedlings
Determining Seedling Problems
Hardening Off your Seedlings
Preparing Your Soil and Garden Spot
          Companion Planting
          Crop Rotation
          Three Sisters Planting Method
          Amending Your Soil
Container Gardening/Vertical Gardening
Permanent Gardening Beds
Extending Your Gardening Season
          Hoop Gardening
          Cold Frames
Frugal and Organic Pesticide Options
          Insecticidal Soap
          Horticultural Oil
          Neem Oil
          Diamataceous Earth
Organic Weed Control
Cover Crops
Utilizing Rain Water
          Building Your Own Rain Barrel
Creating Your Own Garden Trellis
Making Your Own Organic Fertilizer
Frost Dates Chart
Saving Your Seeds
Cross-Pollinating Plants
Seed Saving Methods
Storing Your Seeds

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